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While using Mailist you agree that you are familiar with Terms and Conditions of our service and accept it

General Terms and Conditions

These General Terms and Conditions (the "Terms") govern your use of the website mailist.app my.mailist.app (the "Website") and all associated websites linked to such domain or services associated with Mailist’s Platform ("Platform").

We encourage you also to read our Privacy Policy for the Website.



Mailist reserves the right to modify, add, or remove sections of these Terms at any time. It is your responsibility to check these Terms before using the Website and/or Platform. Your continued use of the Website and/or Platform after any changes to these Terms means that you accept the Terms and changes.

As long as you comply with these Terms, Mailist provides you with a personal, non-exclusive, non-transferable and limited right to use the Website and Platform in accordance with these Terms.

By creating an account ("Profile") and/or logging in to the Platform, you agree that you are entitled to create a Profile, log in, and / or use the Profile as well as having full authority to use the information you enter.

About Mailist

Mailist is an online service which allows users to save their content in form of links, store and manage them, not accessible publicly. Every week (on Saturdays)  users receive email newsletter with a list of links from their Mailist Profiles.

You agree that Mailist is not responsible for the content added by its Users.

Create Profile

When you create a Profile via the Website, you must enter email address and define a password. This information can always be updated or changed.

Remove Profile

You can remove your Profile anytime. All links saved and assigned to the Profile will be removed as well.


You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your information, account information, Profile information and password. You must notify Mailist immediately of any unauthorized use of your Profile, or any other breach of security. Never give your information out. You should implement appropriate security measures to protect your computer, phone or equipment and to ensure your information is stored on your relevant units.

You may not use anyone else's password or Profile at any time or attempt to gain unauthorized access to the Platform.

You agree that Mailist shall be not responsible for any damage which you may suffer or incur as a result of:

indirect losses; shortcomings in the Platform or problems with internet coverage (including suddenly interrupted service); Web content or information accessed on our Websites or while using our service; information or communication that is blocked by a spam filter; damage to your computer, phone, or damage to, or loss of information, materials, data, text, images, video, audio, or the like, as a result of the crash, whether this is malicious attacks, viruses, etc. or failure of our suppliers; force majeure conditions (e.g. weather-related phenomena, fire, earthquake, hurricane, etc.), riot, strike, war, terrorism or government orders or acts.

Contact and newsletters

You hereby accept that Mailist is allowed to contact you via the email you enter at your Profile in order for us to support you, deliver news and information about the product as well as conducting research and marketing.

Personal Information

As described in our Privacy Policy on the Website, we collect various information and we encourage you to read our Privacy Policy carefully, and it is a prerequisite for use of the Website and the Platform that you agree to this.

Mailist take reasonable steps to protect and prevent unauthorized access to your personal information, but we cannot be responsible for the actions of those who get unauthorized access, and we make no guarantee that unauthorized access cannot happen.

Miscellaneous provisions

Waiver: No delay or failure to take action or decisions pursuant to these Terms shall be a waiver of any provision or right under these Terms.

Separate provisions: If any provision of these Terms is invalid or unenforceable under applicable law, such provision, and the rest of these Terms enforced to the fullest extent permitted by applicable law and the remaining provisions of these Terms continue in full force.

Transferability: These Terms and the rights which you obtain below are personal to you and may not be transferred, assigned or delegated to others. Any attempt to assign, transfer or assign these Terms or any rights hereunder shall be deemed invalid.

Governing Law: These Terms and your use of the Platform or the Website are governed by Polish law.

Venue: Any dispute arising under these Terms or as a result of your use of the Platform or Website shall be settled by the Poznan City Court.


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